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Providing Interactive Feedback for Multi-Surface Environments

This is a completed project.



Currently, the SOD Toolkit only provides visual interaction feedback for interactions on existing displays in the space. While the output of the interaction is shown on a device, the space between the devices has no visual indication of the interaction, e.g. flicking an image across a room to another tablet or display could be made easier to understand when the image “flies” between the devices. From a research perspective, providing such feedback in a MSE allows for creating novel feedback, especially when paired with the concept of “data regions”, which would allow users to move information physically with visual feedback.

In order to investigate projection feedback in MSEs, we developed the Projected Pixels toolkit. The Projected Pixels toolkit is a combination of the Society of Devices (SoD) toolkit created by the ASE lab at the University of Calgary and the ASPECTA (Affordable Spherically Projected Environments for the Construction of Tomorrow’s Applications) toolkit developed by fellow Surfnet collaborators which include Julian Petford, Dr. Miguel Nacenta, Dr. Regan Mandryk and Dr. Carl Gutwin. The Projected Pixels toolkit aids in creating a highly visual MSE that provides interactions and visualizations on multiple displays as well as the spaces between the devices. This projects allows users to be able to see device communication as well as virtual information within the space with porjection feedabck.