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Toolkit for Expressive Interaction with a Surface through Fiduciary-Tagged Gloves

This is a completed project.


The hand has incredible potential as an expressive input device. Yet most touch technologies imprecisely recognize limited hand parts (if at all), usually by inferring the hand part from the touch shapes. Our fiduciary-tagged glove is a reliable and very expressive way to gather input about: (a) many parts of a hand (fingertips, knuckles, palms, sides, backs of the hand), and (b) to discriminate between one person’s or multiple peoples’ hands.

The project primarily supplies a toolkit / API to calibrate, identify, and track touch, postures and gestures by such gloves. We also explore interaction possibilities introduced by such capabilities.


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Demos & Software Components



NSERC – iCORE – SMART Technologies





  • Saul Greenberg (Supervisor)
  • Nic Marquardt (PhD Student)
  • Joe Kiemer (Research Intern)