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SurfaceToAR : Easy to Use API for Building Augmented Reality Applications on the iOS Devices

This is a completed project.


SurfaceToAR is an API designed to address the limitations of static paper-based markers through the use of a digital touch table. It enables multiple mobile devices to connect to a central table server and receive real-time scene and marker updates.

On the mobile device, the API provides Augmented Reality functions through an Objective-C wrapper over the popular ARToolkitPlus developed by the Christian Doppler Laboratory. The project ties together ARTPK and the iPhone camera code for single marker, multimarker and multiple marker tracking.

The potential of such an API is demonstrated in a demo application, made in collaboration with the Evolution & Swarm Design Group at the UofC. The application makes use of SurfaceToAR to track an on-table human LINDSAY model and overlays a skeleton model over top on the iPhone. The orientation and location of the human model are constantly updated through a server/client network system.

Source code repository: The marker sheet used for the sample iPhone application can be found here.