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C4i - Applying Multi-surface Environments to Emergency Response Planning

This is an ongoing project.

Overview of company-specific problem

This project will provide multi-surface support for simulating emergency responses carried out collaboratively by various response groups such as EMS, the Fire Department and the Police Department. Decision-making during emergency responses is highly collaborative, requiring a system that facilitates and increases the level of collaboration between all involved parties. Currently, C4i uses data in various forms, originating from multiple locations and departments as input to their simulation engine. In addition to being able to access and make sense of details of specific areas and populations affected by an industrial or natural crisis, it is also very critical that a big-picture perspective be available at all times to allow decision makers to make more accurate and timely decisions.

Research Project

The project will create a multi-surface prototype supporting emergency response training simulations. The prototype, as envisioned in Figure 1, will allow interacting with C4i data across multiple devices. For example, a digital tabletop will allow emergency teams to work collaboratively to form the Common Operating Picture (aka. COP). Moreover, each team member should have a handheld device that will be able to transfer data to and from the tabletop using simple and natural gestures. Group members can also place an iPad or a similar device on the tabletop in a vertical position to see a third-dimension of the entity the device is placed near such as schematics of the building, water pipes, or live streaming. A wall display is also necessary in this context to keep the big-picture readily visible at all times.

Project Demo Video


ePlan Project Video from Gellert Kispal on Vimeo.

Preliminary Tabletop / Tablet Prototype