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Agile Software Engineering for Cloud-Based Applications

This is an ongoing project.


In the future, more and more software systems are expected to use multi-modal, multi-touch front ends like smartphones, tablets, digital tables or wall-sized displays while the back end business logic will often reside in the cloud.

Our research program focuses on investigating agile software development approaches that support the design, implementation and testing of cloud-based software applications in small & medium enterprises (SMEs). We are extending our work on test-driven development, example-driven development and agile software product line engineering to investigate how software development teams can effectively and efficiently create cloud-based solutions for, and with, their customers. Building on our group’s results and research strengths, we look at issues related to utility computing, API design, and continuous delivery, amongst others, from an agile software development perspective.

In the SurfNet context, this project focuses on providing the backend components for Surfcase-based applications as well as on testing of geospatial resources.